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Sellers Guide


You need to consider a broad overview from buyer’s perspective.  Depending on  your personal situation you may or may not be able to do everything to make your house stand-out.  Here are just some simple suggestions. 

1)      For the  front entrance and the front exterior Improve its appearance by trimming shrubs that hide the house, place flower pots near entrance, clean glass of doors and windows, Paint or wash dirty surfaces of wood or siding.

2)  Make the house and rooms appear bright.  Have the ability to be able to open all drapes and blinds to create maximum brightness so rooms appear bigger.  Have light fixtures that are bright enough and not time-delayed.

3)      If occupied,  lighten up on furniture in rooms that are crowded..

4)      Baths, clean all tub areas to remove any stains and get rid of any mildew,  Paint walls if take appear to show condensation,  Limit personal affects on freestanding counters.

5)      Kitchens,  Remove any grease from walls or repaint if necessary,  Remove accessories from countertops , hide garbage containers.

6)      Basements, try to get rid of clutter and organize things neatly in boxes,  run a dehumidifier if your basement is never aired out or an air exchanger. Clean floors, cobwebs, and so forth.

7)      Have realtor suggest other things that may be an issue to correct…An experienced realtor will have looked from the eyes of many  buyers.…



  • Take the time to interview.   Find out as much as you can about  the realtor and the marketing and services offered.

  • Choose some one that you feel will succeed in selling your home.

  • And someone you trust will do everything possible to represent your best interest in getting the highest possible sales price.



In choosing a realtor,   look for a simple and concise comparison  of  your property’s value  in terms of  location,  price, condition and  time of sale with other similar properties that are now for sale and have sold recently.  Have the realtor explain fully the marketing price that will successfully interest  buyers. Remember even if you don’t have to sell you are competing with those that do.



        To market your property to the sale the realtor needs to:


1)      Assessing the features your property has that makes it stand out. 

2)      Stress the best features your house has for the price being offered for sale.

3)      Capture these features by still photos or video record.

4)      Show the features along with descriptive copy that highlights these features.

5)      Advertise in all media the best features your property offers for the  price and location.

6)      Change the content periodically to refresh the property presence in the market.



Open houses are a casual non-committed way that a buyer without an  appointment can view your property without a need to qualify their interest.  An experienced agent can usually tell if the visitor is warm to what the property offers and is being considered by the visitor who may or may not be a serious buyer. It is an additional marketing tool to create more interest.



An experienced agent knows when it is the right time to close the sale or start the procedure of writing an offer to purchase.  Some things to consider before the writing takes place are:

1)      Is the buyer realistic in terms of a reasonable offer price?

2)      Has the buyer presented a valid pre-qualification letter showing the mortgage amount, the down payment  required,  interest rate fixed or adjustable, the term of the loan and payment  per month the buyer qualifies for.

3)      Does the buyer have a house to sale?

4)      What are the seller’s occupancy needs and what are the buyer’s

5)      Once all that is known a better idea of what are the chances for having the offer becoming  a sale



Most important that an experienced agent is aware of all things in accepted offer to purchase that have to be fulfilled in a timely manner to know if the sale of the property is going  to actually close.  Matters such as the earnest money from the buyer, a satisfactory home inspection if one was elected by the buyer, a satisfactory appraisal, a loan commitment, a title  insurance report and other documents necessary for a successful closing.

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